About Us

HHL Technology is an innovative leader in multi-functional fabric technologies, Vital protection is one of these technologies.

For over a decade, our extensive range of fabric applications have addressed the needs of an ever growing and demanding market and are embraced by some of the world's most recognised brand names in the active wear, outdoor clothing, outdoor equipment, home and commercial textile markets.
Our aim is to produce 'excellence through innovation' and give our customers and end users, both essential and desirable added value. By working hand in hand with clients, our Technical Team and Research & Development partners ensure via strict independent testing procedures that our products integrate and perform outstandingly with those of our clients.

We pride ourselves on customer service and ensuring that we assist in creating demand for our clients products through regular, informative press campaigns and features in national, outdoor, home and trade press.
Vital Protection

Vital Protection provides durable and long lasting protection in a safe, environmentally friendly format. In addition Vital Protection is dual action, providing both anti insect and anti-bacterial protection, providing benefit for the end user, as well as the textile or treated surface our technology is applied to.
Our technology is utilised by some of the world's leading brands. Is independently tested and covers a range of applications, allowing the user to treat a number of different areas.
In insect infested areas Vital Protection can drastically reduce and prevent the health risks associated with insect bites.

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